Math Links



Algebra Cheat Sheet - Properties of Equality Handout Algebraic Properties of Equality Handout as Word doc.
Geometry Cheat Sheet - Properties of Equality and Congruence Geometric Properties of Congruence & Algebraic Properties of Equality Handout as Word doc.
Do You Have Math Anxiety?  A Self Test Take a math anxiety test.  Find out how to reduce your anxiety.
Note Taking Tips for Math Tips for success in math class.
The Math Student's Pledge Nine great pledges.
South Dakota State Library This site connects educators, students and parents to the Worldwide Web.  The Student section is designed to provide a safe on-line learning environment with access to learning activities and homework help to assist K-12 students in succeeding in their studies.  The Parent section is designed to index web sites that promote best practices and support parents within all areas of child rearing.
Math Search Engine Use this math search engine to get information about most math topics.
Trackstar for Teachers Link to Trackstar (finds websites for lessons), Rubistar (rubric maker), and many more useful teacher websites.
Word Search Puzzlemaker Make any word search puzzle by entering the words.  This is a very easy-to-use site. LessonPlans,etc Homework help, Practice, Games, Lesson Plans Make flashcards and worksheets, or go to the game room  and homework helper.